TOP 10 Strategy Games For PC

TOP 10 Strategy Games For PC

Renember! This is only my opinion and this video is made for you to raise interest in strategy games wich are showed in this video. Only actual gameplay can be seen in this video. If this video made some interest in you about one or many strategy games that were showed in this video than I would be very thankful if you clicked the like or subscribe button.
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  1. please tell me if any of these games is free thank you 

  2. those are the worst strategy games where is aoe and aom , citadel , rise of
    nation ?

  3. Number 7 is not World in conflict its called company of heroes.

  4. nothing is better than empire earth I,empire earth II

  5. at least I like Starcraft 2 and Shogun 2 …

  6. since when empire earth 3 is a TOP game ? ? … Age of Empires 3 is better

  7. That 7 isnt world in conflict,its compqny of heroes!!!

  8. 7 is company of heroes not world in conflict I know I have both

  9. Happy to see Settlers 7 in this vid! LOVE that game…. :)

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