1. Hi op i like your vids and I especially like the soundtracks you use, can
    you pls tell me some titles?

  2. I didn’t watch the entire video because the music is irrirating.

  3. Where is devil may cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. minecraft gmod skyrim devil may cry dmc bioshok dyning light
    That guy forgot these games

  5. you put assassins creed and dishonored and the ENTIRE deadspace series yet
    you don’t put dark souls…..

  6. really no spec ops:the line gameplay is awesome graphics are awesome
    physics are awesome story is awesome it beats most of the next gen games

  7. WTF these are not adventure games, what an idiot, and that gay music heart
    my ears !

  8. Half life (1/2)? Minecraft? Doom? ANYTHING THAT SOME ONE KNOWS?

  9. Fucking shit this list….where d hell iz HITMAN series

  10. This list is crap,Skyrim should be on the 1st place or at least in top 3.

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