TFTW: Top Ten Role Playing Games

TFTW: Top Ten Role Playing Games

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Steve and Larson look to level up their skills as they countdown the top ten RPGs EVER!

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  1. Ocarina of… shit?? Majora’s.. crap?? How… DARE you! How can you say
    those things and not explode?!

  2. ok guys i need some help with picking an RPG to get into.
    basically im really looking to get into action RPG’s but i dont have too
    much knowledge
    the only experience i have in RPG’s is the Dragons Dogma demo and i REALLY
    liked it.
    so i’ve searched countless rpg’s online and i’ve come to this conclusion
    (im not bashing any games or fanboying over a game just giving my opinion
    from youtube videos ive watched, i could be completely wrong as i’ve never
    played any of these games and im judging it off 5 minute videos thats why i
    want some of your opinions)
    Skyrim = i wanted to like this game due to all the people saying how great
    it was but it looks too boring and looks like it strives off just side
    quests which i hate
    Fallout = looks WAY too complicated for me
    Shadow of mordor = looks like an assassins creed game with dragons which
    isnt too bad, but its not what im looking for
    Dark Souls = looks cool but i’ve been told not to touch this game if i
    havent played an rpg before
    Dragon Age Inquisition = didnt really like it from the videos i seen
    Witcher 3 = now this is the game that made my eyes pop out, this game is
    the one im planning to research more cause it looks like i’ll most likely
    buy this one.

    now i need some peoples opinions to help me decide on my first rpg
    purchase, thanks for the help.

  3. No Xenogears, FF VI, Earthbound, Grandia, Diablo 2, or Dark Souls?
    Okay then…

  4. 1. Skyrim
    2. WoW
    3. Fallout 3
    4. Final Fantasy
    5. Star Wars KOTOR
    6. Diablo
    7. Dark Souls
    8. The Witcher
    9. Dragon Age
    10. Chrono Trigger

  5. joke list? f3? skyrim? lol
    chrono trigger,FFVIII, maybe ME only picks i agree

  6. I don’t care what you say Machinima, Chrono Trigger is the best RPG of all
    time. When Skyrim and Mass Effect 2 can give you up to 13 different
    endings, not including variations on those endings, come back to me.

  7. At least they put Western RPGs ahead of the JRPGs. Even if Mass Effect is
    in no way nearly a match for Skyrim or the recent TES games.

  8. This is personal preference but would have liked to have seen Earthbound on
    the list.

  9. Stopped watching at number 2…… I hear about how awesome Skyrim is
    but…… Oblivion is beeeeetteeeeer! I played Skyrim so i know whats goin
    on. Tried to be like TES4

  10. No Baldur’s Gate or Dark Souls, really ? Dragon Age ? this list sucks…

  11. Did you guys just say skyrim 2???
    The hell is wrong with you!!!

  12. Something tells me that Machinima hasn’t even played half of the games on
    this list.

  13. Baldur’s Gate, Dragon age: Origins and Neverwinter Nights laugh loudly and
    then take a huge shit on every japanese “rpg”

  14. You managed to put several games that aren’t actually RPG’s into your top
    10 RPG list…. And Zelda 2 what the fuck? That game is absolutely

  15. How come nobody complains about POKEMON not being on this list ?!? JEEZ
    … I mean really, is f***ing Pokémon !!! Who doesn’t love Pokémon !?!

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