iPhone / iPad / Android / Puzzle Platformer / Action Adventure game Babylonian Twins – Debut Trailer

Check latest offers at: http://indieyard.com/apps/babylonian-twins-platformer-hd Babylonian Twins http://www.babyloniantwins.com is unique iPhone / iPad / Android / WP7 puzzle platform game with distinguished historic atmosphere, unique innovative two-character tag team play, smooth action, and original music tracks. The game is available… Continue Reading


App Demos for kids: 3D Cement Truck Construction: iPad, Android App Review (시멘트 및 콘크리트 믹서 트럭)

Build this CEMENT MIXER! Educational Apps for Children. Review of Cement Mixer Build and Play app (application) for kids & children. Watch cartoons for toddlers with bright 3D puzzles about a Cement & Concrete Mixer Vehicle. App from Croco Studio… Continue Reading