1. Imagine a AIB, TVF & The Improvisers having a collaboration ! It’s going to
    be the best day of my life then. :’)

  2. since i spend ‘a lot of time’ on youtube watching you guys’ videos I
    sometimes have to prove my mum that im doing nothing else n i did showed
    her a few of Kanan’s n Abish’s videos…I was watching tv n Kanan’s ad
    came along i was like ‘aree ye toh Kanan hai!’ .. my mum ‘Haayee kitna cute
    lag raha hai’ XD my mum is even bigger fan of you guys 

  3. I facepalmed myself when I heard Kanan did a ad.

    You are going places Kanan, don’t know where but take GPS with you.
    (*crying because Biswa ka Kutta mar gaya*)

  4. Is Kanan too Tall or Abish too Short? 😉 LOL
    Keep it up Man! Awesome Shows Keep it up :)

  5. can someone enlighten a malu on the gujju fire joke?

  6. Eh! Our fake Indian accent and streotypical west aping Standups are getting
    boring by the day.

  7. I’m very sad mahn, kyuki Biswa k kutte ko sahi se tatti nahi aaya.
    #SadnessRelatedThings xD

  8. “Sex with me is like iodex, your mom will rub it on your chest when you
    have cold!”

    My my Kaneez, you are one good-humoured lady! :D

  9. Man It’s really sad…… Biswa ka Kutta mar gaya….. Sadness related

  10. your shows are great.
    please make a show on NET NEUTRALITY in INDIA compared to USA
    how it effects a internet user in INDIA
    how it effects isp’s(Internet service provider)
    who is benefiting from trai( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)

    about its advantages and disadvantages

  11. i did not understand the “fireman in gujarat “reference .. seriously i was
    sittin there wth a poker face :/

  12. merry christmas and a happy new year in advance not sure if i’ll live up
    till tomorrow …………………dont worry itsjust my results being
    announced tomorrow

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