1. Just picked up a SnG today. Nice intro vid- awaiting your full review

  2. your channel is so under rated I love these vids! keep it up! also just
    picked up a 560 blackwash

  3. I have a zt 0560 and I love everything about it.
    But I don’t have a stider, really want one but Its too expensive for me :/

  4. Its a great knife. The flipper is awesome!! Love mine!! Nice vid. 

  5. Never thought you would get an 0560(1) again! I really prefer the tan

  6. Great knives Abe! I’d like to try a Strider myself, but I would probably
    seek out an SMF version- as I’m leaning toward larger knives in general
    these days. Nonetheless, I’d also take an SNG if’n the pricing was correct.
    I’m also wanting a ZT. Ugh. Darn it to heck!

  7. You currently have 3,500 subscribers. Congratulations! You deserve every
    one of them. 

  8. Dude I’m subscribed to your channel! I love your videos, awesome content,
    you should have more subscribers! 

  9. You currently have 3,500 subscribers. Congratulations! You deserve every
    one of them. 

  10. I thought maybe you would’ve picked up a Southard since it resembles the
    AFCK. I just bought one, hope it’s as good as the reviews say.

  11. Ha! I was just online looking at the 0560 as my next big knife purchase.
    Great vid, as always. 

  12. Anybody know of a beltclip first-aid kit you can reuse/refill?

    Please Reply! Thanks.

  13. I was referring to the zt when you start to hate it again haha. But either
    really. If it’s a price I can swing. Thanks for the reply!!

  14. I’d love to carry that strider slip joint, but I dislike steel on titanium
    lock ups

  15. Both good blades even with the Elmax hiccup to me it’s still a serviceable

  16. I have had my 0561 in the box ready to sell for the last 6 months, just
    can’t seem to let it go. Dislike the flipper, also want to free up the
    cash for a southard (yes I understand the irony) Wish I had seen the
    tropicEDC deals before everything was snatched up. Heck of a sale. 

  17. When you decide to sell it keep me in mind. Hope to hear from you in a week
    or two hahaha just kidding…..but seriously. Hit me up. 

  18. I want an SMF, but, as you said, the price is high for me.

  19. Cool, looks like it has ambidextrous clip for lefties ;)-

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