Mario Sports Mix: Dodge! – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

Mario Sports Mix: Dodge! – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

Mario Sports Mix: Dodge! - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS

Ahhhh…mildly traumatic schoolyard memories….
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Video Rating: 4 / 5




  1. It was a Wii… That I bought… Uh… It was a used Wii…

    YOU GOT IT WITH JON. He can’t even bring up his name…

  2. Watching Arin try to avoid talking about how weird the names are because it
    would reference Jon was awful.

  3. Took them seven minutes to use a special attack. Consistently terrible at
    most video games, but at least they’re consistent 

  4. wait,is there seriuosly a mario game where you can play as final fantasy

  5. I used to think it was so hilarious in school when someone would make all
    the effort to jump like 4 feet in the air to dodge a ball, practically
    doing a split in the process, and then the ball just whacks them in the
    nuts anyway.

  6. Why the *FUCK* are they playing dodge ball at a wheelin-ass-racetrack?

  7. Wow, Arin really has no idea about Dodgeball… thinking the Red Yoshi’s on
    his team.

  8. “Where did this Wii come from?”

    “Well, uh, I bought it, uh, used… Gamestop. Uh. Whatever let’s just play.”


  9. I’m pretty sure the red and blue Yoshis are neutral and just there to give
    you the ball when it’s out of bounds.

  10. The game should obviously teach the controls through gameplay, so you learn
    as you play. Right, Arin? Fuck them devoting a screen before playing to
    teach you the controls. Because as you’ve said, that’s bad game design. It
    should be like Mega Man X, and have you do a tutorial level. Except not a
    tutorial level where they teach you things through dialogue, but rather
    have you test every button to see what it does, right? That’s proper game

  11. We need to compile a list of things Arin hasn’t done or seen:
    Hasn’t seen:
    Silence of the lambs

    Played dodgeball
    Drank alcohol (that’s good though even as an enthusiast myself)
    Smoked Weed (again probably for the better even though I do it)

    I don’t remember any other things he hasn’t seen or done some one fill me

  12. “If you’re going to become true dodgeballers, then you have to learn the
    Five D’s of Dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! If you master
    the Five D’s, no amount of balls on Earth can hit you!” – Patches

  13. Even from the title, I’m getting Team Four Star flashbacks.


  14. No wonder Arin dropped out of school; they never played dodgeball in gym

  15. Is it just me, or is this game really good? I love this game.

  16. Arin the hypocrite strikes again! While I agree with mostly everything he
    says on his Sequelitises, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s one of those
    idiots he mentioned that mainstream games are made for. Seriously? They
    gave you a screen with instructions, because this game is a game you want
    to play at a moment’s notice, not delve into it. And even if you’re not the
    type to read those things, you should (as you said) try out the buttons to
    see what they do, like Danny did with the switch characters thing. In your
    Sequelitis, everything you say is well thought out and rational, which is
    why I agree with it mostly, but come on, use that when you actually play a
    fucking game!

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